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Hey everyone!! I just wanted to let you all know that I created a Facebook page for this here blog. Yep, that’s right. Just did it today so bear with me! I’ll be putting up more pictures as time goes on. But please head over, check it out, like me and I hope I get your thumbs up.

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And thanks to everyone who reads my blog. Whether it’s one person or thousands who visit my blog (who knows!), I’m just happy to have my own online personal “cookbook” (as I call it). And I hope it’s a “cookbook” you can reference and like looking at!!!


A Kitchen Catastophe

*A quick little note. I’ve updated my about me with a little more personal info. Check it out to know more about yours truly. Now onto the matter at hand…..

Ever had a kitchen nightmare? I’m talking cooking disaster. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Worked really hard on a meal, only for it to end up being inedible? Yep. That’s happened to me too. Well, this recent incident was slightly different but for me, a kitchen catastrophe of epic proportions!

My hubs requested pizza. No problem. I’ve made it dozens of times! My dad, who often times gives me kitchen appliances that he’s found on sale, had recently given me a pizza oven. It looks like a little U.F.O. that you set on your counter top and you can cook your pizza in it. I decided to make a pizza using that newfangled space ship, and another pizza in our oven using my trusty pizza stone. So into the U.F.O. went a veggie pizza. Onto the pizza stone? A BBQ pulled pork pizza. I’d made pulled pork the night before and wanted to use my leftover meat for a good cause. I took my sweet time with that pizza especially. It looked gorgeous.

My oven was set at 425 and it was HOT. So as I slid my pizza stone into the oven, I let go a little too early, for fear of burning my fingers on the oven rack. But that stone just wasn’t in far enough. And to my horror, I watched as the pizza stone tipped back toward me and flipped over. Landing with the pizza face down on the oven door. I looked at my husband who had been standing there talking to me, and he looked at me. Both of us just sat there for a few seconds with our mouths hanging open. And then I screamed. LOUD. Not even a word, but an angry shriek. I probably sounded like a wild animal. He grabbed the stone, I grabbed the dough and threw it onto the nearest cutting board. All the while, I was yelling some very un-lady like words. The cheese had instantly melted and adhered to the window. It was a mess. All the toppings had slid off and had fallen between the oven door and were now on the floor and in the warmer drawer below.

My husband, bless his heart, started immediately cleaning it all up. He told me he would run to the store and buy more toppings since I’d used the last of the cheese and we no longer had meat for the pizza. “NOOOOOO!” I screamed. So while he cleaned (and told me over and over that accidents happen), I formed that dough back onto the stone and just added some more veggies and string cheese to the top. There was BBQ mixed into the crust and it wasn’t pretty. It looked like Jim from American Pie had gotten ahold of the thing. But I went ahead and cooked that sucker anyways and we ate it. And luckily, I had the other pizza in the pizza machine thingamajig. That was a life saver!!

So according to my husband, (who said he’d never seen me so mad), I will look back on this one day and laugh. Um, yeah. So not there yet!

Ever had a kitchen catastrophe? I know I’m not alone. I’d love to hear about your disasters!

This is the decimated pizza AFTER my second attempt. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the actual crime scene because I was too busy yelling obscenities.

This is the decimated pizza AFTER my second attempt. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture of the actual crime scene because I was too busy yelling obscenities.

Lifesaver pizza

Lifesaver pizza

I don't think we'll be seeing through the window anytime soon...

I don’t think we’ll be seeing through the window anytime soon…

Oven destruction!

Oven destruction!

P.S. My oven will never be the same again. And I think that’s an understatement.

Red, White & Blue

patriotic 2

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day! I know I have some blog followers not living in the United States, but as I do, I just wanted to put a little something out there.

I know for most, the 4th of July is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbeques, etc. But let’s not all forget the liberties and freedom we experience living here as citizens of the United States of America. We are a lucky bunch! With day to day life going on, sometimes we forget those important things. But hopefully this past weekend, you were reminded of what a privilege it is to live in this beautiful nation we call America.

Here’s a few red, white & blue pictures from the 4th celebrating America’s birthday.

Patriotic breakfast

Patriotic breakfast

Red, white & blue fruit pizza

Red, white & blue fruit pizza

American flag brownie dessert

American flag brownie dessert

Had to do the nails too!

Had to do the nails too!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Wherever you are in this world!!!

Anniversary Adventures

aj 10 beachMy hubs and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this weekend in San Diego. Child free! And we had an amazing time. Spending some time without the kids is much needed and this was only our second time EVER in the history of “us”. I’m hoping we have more adult trips in the future!

One of the many things Adam and I have in common is our love for food. Good food! And we were very fortunate to have some delicious fare on our mini vacay. No recipes to share with you today, but I’m feeling a re-creation of the sandwich I’m about to show you in the near future.

luckys sandwichThis is a crispy pork tenderloin sandwich and it was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It looks monstrous and it was. I went into it thinking I would only eat half. Who was I kidding? I can really put away the food! I ate almost every bite of that damn thing. And loved it!

honeycombWhoever was creative enough to come up with this lovely concoction is my hero. I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s very thin focaccia bread with fresh soft cow cheese baked into it. And served with honeycomb. Yes, you read that right. HONEYCOMB! That you slather over the top of the bread like butter. It was out of this world good.

Surprisingly, those are the only food pictures I took! But I got some good ones of the scenery.

coronado beachCoronado Beach. Beautiful clean, white sandy beach. Need I say more?

aj 10 rooftop

This was from the rooftop deck of our hotel. Great view of Coronado Bridge and Downtown SD.

aj 10

Rooftop selfie on our last night away. I love this man.

torinoAnd one of my favorite cars at the San Diego Automotive Museum. We were lucky enough to go just before the Muscle Car Exhibit was over. Know what kind of car this is? 🙂

Hopefully in the future I’ll be posting a recipe for that pork tenderloin sandwich. I may also attempt that bread too!

Monkeying Around

532Time to share an embarrassing mom moment. My family and I went to Texas on our Spring Break to visit some family and friends. Yee haw! We loved Texas! While there, we visited the Dallas Zoo. If you’re in the Dallas area, I highly recommend stopping by this zoo. It’s affordable and you’re able to see the animals UP CLOSE!

524As for one of our up close animal experiences, we were super close to one gorilla in particular. She was just on the other side of the glass and that’s definitely the closest I’ve ever been to a gorilla.

gorillaIt was very cool to observe her so closely. Well, this gorilla wasn’t shy, and during our observation, she decided to scratch herself. Down there. You know, in her private area! My kids thought this was super funny and one child in particular decided to announce it several times. Loudly. Unfortunately for me, I had an older couple standing right next to me. They just stood there and smiled while I tried to gag shush my loud mouth of a child. Don’t you just love it when your kids embarrass you? I know I don’t.

So I hoped we wouldn’t hear about the anatomy of Lady Gorilla again. Until we get back from our trip, and I find out my neighbor asked my daughter what her favorite part of our trip was. Her response? Watching the gorilla scratch her ******* at the zoo. Awesome.

Gray Hair, Don’t Care (Just Kidding!)

Although I’m not a beauty blogger, I still think this post qualifies under the “Jenuinely Homemade” theme, as it’s done at home! So, a little break from the food posts, to pass on a money saving tip. In the beauty form. Got gray? Unfortunately, I do. After I turned 30, that’s when I decided I needed to handle my business. Although I don’t really think it’s my age that was the cause, but more specifically, THIS person!

Plotting destruction...

Plotting destruction…

That’s my third child, and she’s a handful! Each and every child is so different but in my experience, the last one gives you the most trouble. I joke that every time she does something bad, a gray hair shoots out of my head. Kidding aside, I think it may actually be true.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo this is me and #3 the day of her birth. Look at my glorious natural dark hair. I miss it! She was a great baby, but once she hit one year old, oh my. (See first picture). Ages 1, 2, 3 and 4 for her, and us, have been tough. Moms, I KNOW I’m not alone in experiencing this, right? Please tell me I’m not alone! So then the gray arrived, and dye it I must!

I have had a professional color it in the past but it’s just so expensive to maintain. And if you have to dye your roots frequently like me (about every 4 weeks), then finding a less expensive alternative is necessary. Store bought “box” dye can range anywhere from $5-$12, depending on the brand, and in my experience, doesn’t last as long. I’ve noticed grays coming back within a few days of using that stuff. So I tried these products and I’m glad I did. It’s stronger and pretty easy to use. On a side note, I’m not a licensed cosmetologist. Just a mom with gray looking to save.

Hair coloring essentials

Hair coloring essentials

So the actual color, Clairol Professional Crème Permanente, cost me about $6, and I can use it at least THREE times to dye my roots. The developer was around $8 and I don’t know if I’ll ever run out of the stuff. All the other items (gloves, brush and bowl) cost me less than $5 and can be used countless times, as they are washable. See the savings? You can find all this stuff at your local Sally Beauty Supply.

Not too shabby for a home dye job

Not too shabby for a home dye job

Now, I just want to finish by saying I do love that little girl very much. And although I don’t like my gray hair, and I do care, it’s an easy fix! Good luck gray haired moms! We need it!

Her 4th birthday and she thought the boy on the bag was cute. We're in trouble.....

Her 4th birthday and she thought the boy on the bag was cute. We’re in trouble…..

The Insta-OOPS Incident

Have you ever looked at someone’s profile on Facebook that you were NOT friends with? Done it on Instagram too? Are you nodding your head right now? Thought so! This my friends, is what most people loosely term “Facebook stalking”, or in this situation, “Instagram stalking”. Most of us are guilty of doing this a time or two with no one being the wiser. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Recently a single friend of mine, who we will call “Rebecca Phalanges”, stopped by for a little visit. She told me she had started dating someone. Me being the curious person I am, asked to see a picture of him, “Let me see his Facebook.” I said. Rebecca told me she would show me a picture of him from his Instagram. So she handed over her phone and I started looking. Now somewhere during all of this, she informed me that she wasn’t actually “following” him and had not asked to be his Facebook friend. “Why?” was my first question. She said that in a new relationship, it’s much too soon to follow someone or friend them. Hmmm… well I’ve been with my husband for 12 years, so what “Rebecca” was saying was complete foreign territory to me. I told her I thought that was pretty stupid. That would be the first thing I’d do! And then you can always “unfollow” or “unfriend” them if things don’t work out, right? “No, it’s too soon!” She said.

Here is my daughter re-enacting my shock to what I had done.

Here is my daughter re-enacting my shock to what I had done.

So I continued to scroll through on her phone looking at pictures of this new man in her life, when all of a sudden a HEART appeared on one of the pictures. A heart! OH MY GOSH! Oh no! For all of you that are not familiar with Instagram, you double tap a picture to “like” it, and a heart appears. This then notifies said owner of picture that you, with your username, (in this case, “Rebecca’s” user name is pretty obvious as to who she is) like their picture. I didn’t say anything for a moment because I didn’t know why that had happened. I had just been scrolling! But as I sat there and the panic inside me slowly started to build, I knew I had to say something. I turned to Rebecca and said “Um, a heart just appeared on one of his pictures, I think I accidentally liked it” or something along those lines. OOPS!

She was not happy to say the least. To make it worse, I had liked a picture of him and his dad which would make her look super crazy.Rebecca quickly grabbed the phone and looked at it, “YOU LIKED IT! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” In my defense, her phone is much fancier than mine. I have a super cheap introductory smartphone and hers must be incredibly sensitive to swiping motions! Mine takes some major tapping to make that heart appear. I felt so bad though! I told her to unlike it and do it fast.

Now, we’ve never found out if this guy ever knew that she had “liked” his picture. It all happened so fast. I still can’t believe I did it. I felt bad but it was really funny.

So I guess the moral of the story is, don’t spy! Or don’t let me use your phone. Either way, I guess Rebecca learned something that day! 🙂