Anniversary Adventures

aj 10 beachMy hubs and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this weekend in San Diego. Child free! And we had an amazing time. Spending some time without the kids is much needed and this was only our second time EVER in the history of “us”. I’m hoping we have more adult trips in the future!

One of the many things Adam and I have in common is our love for food. Good food! And we were very fortunate to have some delicious fare on our mini vacay. No recipes to share with you today, but I’m feeling a re-creation of the sandwich I’m about to show you in the near future.

luckys sandwichThis is a crispy pork tenderloin sandwich and it was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. It looks monstrous and it was. I went into it thinking I would only eat half. Who was I kidding? I can really put away the food! I ate almost every bite of that damn thing. And loved it!

honeycombWhoever was creative enough to come up with this lovely concoction is my hero. I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s very thin focaccia bread with fresh soft cow cheese baked into it. And served with honeycomb. Yes, you read that right. HONEYCOMB! That you slather over the top of the bread like butter. It was out of this world good.

Surprisingly, those are the only food pictures I took! But I got some good ones of the scenery.

coronado beachCoronado Beach. Beautiful clean, white sandy beach. Need I say more?

aj 10 rooftop

This was from the rooftop deck of our hotel. Great view of Coronado Bridge and Downtown SD.

aj 10

Rooftop selfie on our last night away. I love this man.

torinoAnd one of my favorite cars at the San Diego Automotive Museum. We were lucky enough to go just before the Muscle Car Exhibit was over. Know what kind of car this is? 🙂

Hopefully in the future I’ll be posting a recipe for that pork tenderloin sandwich. I may also attempt that bread too!