Wine Time

wine 2If you’ve ever read my “about me” on here or know me personally, then you know my drink of choice is wine. White in particular. Not that I hit the bottle hard or anything, but when I do occasionally imbibe, my poison is wine. Anyhow, I came across some information at my local grocery store about wine pairings and I thought it was too interesting not to pass on.

I don’t typically do wine pairings. Ever. So don’t go thinking I’m a wine connoisseur or anything like that. I’m more the drink it while I’m making dinner, feel good, THEN eat type of person.  But for those of you out there that enjoy a glass of wine with dinner but aren’t quite sure what matches up to what, here’s a little guide:

White Wines:

  • Chardonnay-Dry. Medium to heavy body. Typically with oak. Pairs well with: mild cheese, salmon, scallops, chicken, baked ham, cheesecake
  • Sauvignon Blanc– Dry. Light to medium body. Clean and refreshing. Pairs well with: oysters, shrimp, lobster, chicken, key lime pie
  • Pinot Grigio– Medium body. Crispy and dry. Pairs wells with: white sauces, grilled chicken, lobster, shrimp, pork, apple tart
  • Riesling– Sweet. Light body. Pairs well with: creamy cheeses, spicy dishes, baked ham, grilled pork, melon
  • Moscato– Sweet. Light body. Pairs well with: oysters, shrimp, spicy dishes, peach cobbler, sorbet
  • Sparkling– Light and bubbly. Pairs well with: nutty cheeses, oysters, clams, crab, spicy food, milk chocolate

Red Wines:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon– Dry. Heavy body. Pairs well with: pungent cheeses, grilled steak, roasted lamb, red sauces, dark & bittersweet chocolate
  • Malbec– Dry. Heavy body. Pairs well with: smoked turkey, carne asada, pulled pork, dark & bittersweet chocolate
  • Zinfandel– Dry. Medium to heavy body. Pairs well with: aged cheeses, spare ribs, brisket, leg of lamb, pizza, chili, beef stew, chocolate cake
  • Merlot– Dry. Medium body. Pairs well with: aged cheeses, veal, meatloaf, hamburgers, salmon, red sauces, chocolate mousse
  • Pinot Noir- Dry. Medium body. Pairs well with: cream cheeses, roasted pork, smoked sausage, salmon, crème brulee
  • Red Blend– Off-dry. Medium body. Pairs well with: risotto, lamb chops, grilled steak, hamburgers, cherry pie

My personal favorite is Chardonnay. It’s dry, not sweet, slightly bold. And I’m more than happy to drink a $4.99 bottle of Barefoot Chardonnay. They’re award winners for a reason! However, if I’m out wine tasting locally, I prefer a Viognier which in my opinion, is a lighter more refreshing sister to Chardonnay.

If I’m drinking red at home (which I typically don’t, but my hubs only drinks red wine) I’m more than happy with a Red Blend. They are typically smooth, not overpowering and a great intro to red wines. Menage A Trois makes a great inexpensive one (around $7.99). Thanks to my neighbor for introducing me to that one! Wine tasting locally, I love Zinfandel! It’s smooth and flavorful. And nothing at all like the box of that pink stuff you may be thinking of.

So with the holidays coming up and armed with this new wine knowledge, I’m thinking about being a little sophisticated and having a wine tasting party. Everyone brings their favorite bottle of wine. Tastings and appetizers, that I now know will pair well together! Sounds like a nice little change from the traditional get together.

Or I might just continue to drink my cheap affordable wine, enjoy my pre-dinner buzz, go about my evening, and forgo the hassles of hosting company at my house. We’ll see how things go.


Budget Friendly Finds

yogurt 3As I told you all in my last post, I was in San Diego for the weekend with my hubby. While there, we stopped at the nearby Grocery Outlet Bargain Market that my mom turned me on to. She’s a big San Diego fan and seems to know where everything’s at down there. So last time I was there, she took me to this place and I really liked it. Good prices and some really good items. They have a section against the back wall that seems to be for all the healthy stuff. And the prices are much better than what I’m typically used to spending.

wineLast time I was there, I picked up some wine that my mom recommended. 3.99 a bottle! And it’s good. Really! So of course I had to pick up a couple bottles this time around. Indigo Eyes Chardonnay. I have never seen this wine anywhere else so be on the lookout for this stuff.

yogurtyogurt 2I also grabbed some Tillamook Farmstyle Greek Yogurt. I don’t even really like yogurt. Basically, the texture makes me gag. And Greek yogurt is usually too tangy for me. But I know it’s good for you and so for a super quick breakfast, I take a cup of yogurt into the car with me and put it in my cup holder. And eat it as I take the kids to school. People who see me eating yogurt while driving must think it’s weird, but it’s not messy at all and saves me time! Multitasking at it’s best. Anyhow, my favorite yogurt so far has been Fage Fruyo. It’s not tangy like other Greek yogurts. But it’s really expensive. So I only buy that when it’s on sale. But when I saw the Tillamook at Grocery Outlet, I had to get it. It was only $.50 per cup. Less than half the price of my favorite Fruyo. And guess what? It’s delicious! Thick, creamy, and not too tangy. I highly recommend it. Pretty sure they carry this yogurt at most stores, although I haven’t seen it at my local Wal-Mart yet.

So those are my two budget friendly finds. And if you’re ever wandering around downtown San Diego, check out Grocery Outlet and pick up a bottle of wine and maybe some yogurt too.