Addicted to Mexican Food? Carnitas will satisfy the craving!

carnitas 2I have an addiction to Mexican food. I want to eat it all the time. I could eat it all the time. But the problem with making homemade Mexican food (at least for me) is that it doesn’t always taste super authentic. Well, I found this recipe on Pinterest and it has solved my problem. This recipe is perfect so I don’t ever change a thing.

To get the directions for these delicious carnitas, and check out other amazing recipes, please head over to My Kitchen Escapades.

I think this dish will ABSOLUTELY satisfy that craving. Give it a try!


4 thoughts on “Addicted to Mexican Food? Carnitas will satisfy the craving!

  1. Jenny – this is Carole from My Kitchen Escapades. Thank you for sharing my picture and recipe, but to have my permission to use material from my blog, you need to first get my written permission. Once you have that permission, I do not allow my recipes to be published on any other format. You may use my photo and give your review of my recipe and share it with your readers, but for the recipe, your readers must click over to my blog. Please make the needed changes so you are within my copyright requirements. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Carole, I was unaware that I would be infringing on your copyright if I posted a link to your website and made the reference. Sorry about that! I updated and revised my post. Please check it out and let me know if that’s okay. If not, I will delete the post. Thanks!!

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